All activities at DR. KAISER are focused on enhancing each of our products, together with the entire product range, in order to maintain our position as market leader and system provider in the grinding technology sector.

  • We focus on our core competencies and provide innovative premium products as well as excellent product support.
  • We endeavour to build long-term relationships with our global customers and to support them as a competent technology partner, thereby ensuring superior quality and satisfaction.
  • Our highly motivated, committed and qualified staff work together based on an atmosphere of respect and trust.
  • We work exclusively with well-qualified suppliers. The quality standards our customers have come to expect from us need to be fulfilled by our suppliers too.
  • We encourage open communication and a permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences to ensure continuous enhancement and improvement of our products and processes.
  • All the steps that are performed to achieve our goals are to happen in terms of sustainability in harmony with people and the environment.
  • We treat our competitors with fairness and respect and are always prepared to meet new and ambitious challenges.